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The suggestion of using KC-TODRY64222葡京

The suggestion of using KC-TODRY

1.      For piglet birth

To puff KC-TODRY on newborn piglet` body, especially the umbilical cord area, that can  quickly dry the surface, resulting in the reduction of the energy loss of piglet in low ambient temperature. The umbilical cord part coating, which can effectively promote hemostasis and disinfection, reduce the infection of flies and mosquitoes, After delivery and regulation of sows vulva disinfection, using kc-todry on vulva had desirable efficacy of  hemostatic and anti-inflammatory, reduce postpartum infection and mosquito nuisance, promote postpartum recovery.

2.      Using in nursery house

It is strongly suggested that KC-TODRY should be used during the whole lactation period, which can be spread in and around the suckling piglets, to keep the environment dry and absorb harmful gas,such as ammonia and methane, to reduce the mosquito and fly distrubing. To improve the environmental odor. The function of Disinfection of KC-TODRY can inhibit the harm of environmental harmful bacteria and conditioned pathogens to piglets, reduce the diarrhea rate of piglets. A small amount of KC-TODRY  intake can also promote intestinal health and reduce diarrhea ratio. KC-TODRY sprayed in air quickly adsorbs the dust of viral bacteria particles suspended in the air and then falls back to the ground, reducing the incidence of respiratory.

The plant essential oil is also beneficial to the secretion of respiratory mucosa. In the case of castration and bite injury, spreading on the body surface can promote hemostatic and anti-inflammatory, close off wound, avoid infection, drive away mosquitoes and flies, and lessen stress.

3.      For weaning piglet

The useing during weaning term can effectively reduce weaning stress and reduce diarrhea rate. In cage change, renew group, that can effectively reduce bite each other and stress and help pigs survive from weaning stress.

4.      For sow

The vulva of sows before and after delivery can be puffed to promote disinfection and hemostasis to prevent postpartum infection. When the environmental hygiene conditions are poor, sows and piglets can be spread on the body surface to reduce the nuisance of parasites and mosquitoes and flies. Reduce the occurrence of skin diseases and the occurrence of stress.

5.      for poultry

In the rainny season, the poultry should be treated with KC-TODRY 2-3 times a week according to the density of culture, and sprayed evenly on the surface of breed bed, which can effectively reduce the incidence of digestive tract and respiratory tract diseases, promote the dry body of poultry and prevent cross-infection. It can reduce the filthy eggs and reduce the incidence of coccidiosis in poultry. The spread of disease can be prevented and the appearance and performance of poultry can be improved.


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